CrossFit Veer “Crossfit Veer was the perfect fit for me. Many different class times offered, fair and affordable rates, inclusive community of people, but most of all, the coaching has been fabulous.  They made sure that I was lifting correctly in order to have longevity and not injure myself.  I’m grateful for all the help and excited to keep improving on this journey.”
– Michelle Iglewski

CrossFit Veer“The atmosphere at CrossFit Veer is great. There is such a sense of family and unity and encouragement. I also love that the coaches make sure everyone is using proper form and technique so they can get the most benefit from their workout without getting injured. I LOVE my Veer family!”
– Lisa Dehart

CrossFit Veer“We joined Crossfit Veer because we were new to the area and it was close to our house. After being members for only a few weeks, we quickly realized that Veer is so much more than a gym! The coaches and other members create a fun and encouraging atmosphere that has kept us coming back to challenging WOD’s for over a year now. Joining Crossfit Veer has not only improved our physical fitness but has also helped us make new friends and become part of a caring, supportive and healthy local community!”
– Robin & Curtis Wettstein

CrossFit Veer“When I joined this box 3 years ago, I was intimidated to walk into a Crossfit gym with no prior knowledge of what to expect. I was terrified because my level of fitness was not where it once was. When I walked in the first time, my fears subsided because of the welcoming staff and the comfortable atmosphere. I am in the best shape of my life because of the coaching and the programming at Crossfit Veer. I attribute my successes to this team, who have become my family. With different workouts every day, I am constantly challenged. This box is all about having fun, working hard, and making progress in ways you could never have imagined you could.  I love Crossfit Veer- the members, the coaches and results it has given me!”
– Jessica DeVore

CrossFit Veer“Simply put, Crossfit Veer has changed my life. Never would I have expected a gym to have the impact this place has had on me. From the coaching to the community, this place has an atmosphere that is special. Beginners can feel welcome and experienced people can push and compete with others. I have learned how to challenge myself in ways I otherwise would not have been able to explore. Previous to my time at this box my physical activity level would never remain consistent and my body showed it. Since joining I have actively participated in as many days of torturous joy as possible. This place teaches you that hard work and dedication pays back what you put into it in terms of personal goal satisfaction and total overall health improvement. I am grateful to be a part of this family and don’t know where I’d be without it.”
– Ramon Montoya

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