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Flexible membership packages to suit all levels of training to help achieve your fitness goals



Eric Greenhalgh
Eric GreenhalghOwner | Coach

With over 7 years of CrossFit experience, Eric loves the challenge, athleticism, and camaraderie that the CrossFit community inspires!  Eric is a husband and father of 3 amazing kids and believes that anyone and everyone can benefit from the principles of functional fitness.

Eric is very patient and approachable, which he attributes to his 7 plus years working with teenage kids as an assistant varsity softball coach.  In his personal time, Eric enjoys rock climbing, various sports, and being outdoors in general. He is often found with a camera stuck to his face and has been known to take a quality picture every now and again, which comes in handy considering he is a working professional photographer!
Chad O’loughlin
Chad O’loughlinOwner | Coach

Chad has been involved in CrossFit since early 2013, during which time he has organized, judged, and competed in various competitions. He has seen first-hand the life-changing benefits of CrossFit. Before taking a chance on a one-month trial membership, Chad had no desire to improve his personal fitness or general health.

Since that first month, Chad and his wife, Emily, have embraced a healthier and more fit lifestyle and never looked back. Desiring to give back to the CrossFit community, Chad completed his Level 1 Trainer certification and immediately began working with Eric to open their own box. Chad looks forward to helping others experience the same passion, community, and improved fitness he has enjoyed since taking that first step into a CrossFit box.
Krista Jones
Krista JonesCoach

Krista began Crossfit here at Veer just a little over three years ago in 2014, and has been addicted ever since. Her passion fueled her to get her Crossfit Level 1 certification in 2017 to not only better understand the movements but to also help other achieve their goals and to show that its much more than just lifting heavy things and grunting all the time.

Her favorite movements include pretty much anything with a barbell (but particularly the snatch), the love grew with an appreciation for how much thought and technique must go into each lift. And while she still enjoys many body weight movements, they aren’t always her strong suit, but we’re working on that!

She recently graduated from ASU with a bachelor’s degree in genetics and cell development. She currently is going to medical school here in Arizona to become a naturopathic doctor and can’t wait for the opportunity to incorporate her love for medicine with her love for Crossfit!

Amber Kool
Amber KoolCoach

I started Crossfit in July 2013 with a goal of looking good in a bathing suit. From there it turned into a love for the environment, the family, the mental and physical push, and health. I started coaching in October 2015 and began my pursuit of adding nutrition to my knowledge base.

I love coaching and truly believe there is no better feeling than seeing someone get a new skill or hitting a new PR. In February 2017 I became certified in exercise nutrition and started Performance Nutrition and Wellness by Amber. Through coaching and healthy habits I hope to help people find a balance and the best version of themselves.
Jared Organ
Jared Organ Coach

I’m married with 5 kids and I love fitness. I have a bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Wellness from ASU. I have a level one certificate from Crossfit and I started Crossfit in March of 2013. I enjoy coaching and watching people overcome their weaknesses.

Crossfit Veer is full of special people who lift and push each other to new heights during each workout. It’s a great environment to grow and progress in your fitness.

I do Crossfit to stay fit for life and to adequately meet the demands of my job as a police officer. So far no bad guys have been able to outrun me. (Knock on wood) I also enjoy working out with my wife Katie who always pushes me and drives me to be better. I enjoy the Olympic lifts and body weight movements, especially if they are involved in a longer workout.

Lexi Greenhalgh
Lexi Greenhalgh Coach

Lexi has loved fitness and being active since she was little. She has been CrossFiting since 2012 and has her level one certificate. She is currently the main coach and programmer for the Veer LIFE class.

Lexi loves Crossfit because of the group/class/team aspect. She is very competitive and likes being part of a closely knit community. Some of her favorite movements are {all} lunges, toes to bar, power cleans and push-ups. She has a lot of work to do on her snatch and overhead squat but that’s the fun part, right?!

In Lexi’s opinion Crossfit is for any and every body. One of the best parts about functional fitness is that it’s adaptable to all the different fitness levels, health conditions and personal goals of each participant. She hopes to be able to help those in her classes to recognize their own inner athlete.

Becky Goodrich
Becky Goodrich Coach

I started CrossFit in January of 2015 and immediately fell in love! The variety of the workouts was exactly what I had been looking for in a workout program. The atmosphere at Veer drew me in. I am a very social person and I love how everyone is so friendly and encouraging.

My favorite movements are the handstand push up and the clean. I have my L1, which I received in December of 2016. I graduated from the University of Arizona with a bachelors of science in nursing. I have two wonderful sons, who are full of energy, and a loving husband.
Dave O’dea
Dave O’dea Coach

My name is Dave, and I’ve been doing Crossfit for approximately 4ish years, and I’ve been a Crossfit trainer for around 2 years. My wife got me into Crossfit, and I jumped into it because she was stronger than I was, and I had to defend my honor.

After I became stronger than my wife, I started to really love the competition and camaraderie involved in Crossfit, and have made a lot of good friends through the community. Not long after we joined Crossfit Veer, I decided I’d like to pursue becoming a trainer also. It’s very fun to help someone learn a movement, or achieve PR’s and other goals. Besides Crossfit, I enjoy hiking and spending time with my family.


Flexible membership packages to suit all levels of training to help achieve your fitness goals